Explore Italy and its regions - Esplora l’Italia e le sue regioni

Explore Italy and its regions - Esplora l’Italia e le sue regioni

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A bilingual handbook in Italian and English designed to help students learn and understand Italian geography, history, language, and traditions.
The book contains 3 main sections:

- An overview of Italy written in simple language, and a brief introduction to each region. It includes maps and illustrations to help readers locate places and understand words and concepts, and simple games designed to entertain and spur curiosity.
- A reading section intended for more advanced students who wish to read and learn more about Italy and discover additional facts about its 20 regions. 
- A workbook with reproducible games, language activities, and tests, designed as a tool for teachers, care providers, and parents who wish to reinforce the concepts introduced in the previous sections and to evaluate the level of comprehension of the students.

Answer keys are included at the end.

The entire book has each section written in both Italian and English. The two languages are always displayed on two pages facing each other, so that the use of a dictionary is not necessary.

Paperback, 268 pages, $29.95

ISBN-13: 978-1938712012
Size: 10x8 inches
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You can also dowload just parts of this book as  Lesson plans and reading exercises for Italian language learners
(click on the region's name and a new window will open to let you download the pdf file)

Each pdf file includes 10 pages written both in Italian and in English, with a beginner reading section and a more advanced section. It covers one Italian region and it includes:
·        a description of the region,

·        facts and interesting features

·        a map and

·        language activities with questions and answers to test your language comprehension.

Aosta region (free sample)

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