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We offer a selection of teaching & learning products for the classroom and for the playroom, for Italian, Spanish, and French language teachers and for parents teaching Italian, Spanish, and French to their children.
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eBooks are the electronic version of traditional print books and can be downloaded over the Internet and read with a personal computer or with an eBook reader. Affordable pricing, no shipping costs, and now wait!

Italian themed books, language schools teaching supplies and more!

Browse our selection of bilingual books and educational materials in Italian, French, Spanish, German, and English and find the right tools to make learning a second language fun.

We strive to publish interesting stories that:

  • entertain students,
  • encourage further reading,
  • encourage conversations between parents/teachers and children/students.

Our guarantee: Our books and teaching supplies are all written by competent native speakers. Correct grammar and spelling are our priority.

For this reason our books and teaching supplies are a welcome addition to many language schools, libraries, and homes worldwide.

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