About us

Long Bridge Publishing strives to publish nonfiction and fiction books that educate, empower and entertain readers. We specializes in Italian themed books for adults and children and we also offer products in Spanish, French and German languages.

Our titles include best-selling nursery rhyme books, bilingual (Italian-English) books, picture books, large print books, reference books, and activity books. In addition we publish school posters, and reward stickers for Italian language students.


Our bilingual publications aim to entertain and facilitate language learning and practice.


We were born out of the desire to help one child learn Italian. Then we became a business so we could help more children and students of all ages learn the Italian language and Italian related subjects.


Some of our picture books intended for young readers are indeed used by adult students who find them easy to understand and entertaining. Read the positive feedback that we receive for one of our bestseller, a picture book with a cute dog in the ancient city of Pompeii.



Why bilingual books? 

Bilingual books with Italian-English text (also called dual language books or books with parallel text) have text in two languages, enabling readers to quickly understand the meaning in a new language using a language that they already know.

Having the same content expressed in two languages means that who reads the book can eliminate time consuming dictionary lookups, and get the benefit of having a translation that represents the meaning of each word in context.

Bilingual books are an extremely valuable tool for language learning because they enable readers to learn faster, and to learn more in-depth features of the language, easily.

Bilingual picture books add the benefit of helping readers memorize new words both by listening and by looking at the pictures, reinforcing the process of language learning.

Enjoy your language learning, try a bilingual book today!

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