Publisher Direct

Wholesale Orders

To order directly from our international distributor (INGRAM) you can visit:

iPage for Libraries/School librarians
iPage for Booksellers/Retailers (USA)
iPage for Booksellers/Retailers (non USA)


Publisher Direct terms (to place orders directly from us):

  • Minimum order: 10 items shipped to a single location.
  • Discount for resellers: 30% off list price when shipped to a single location. 
  • Shipping and handling: Will be arranged through USPS or UPS and the cost will be determined depending on the size of the order. We ship mostly from the US, but can ship some items from Australia and from Europe.
  • Payment: All orders must be prepaid. After sending your order, you will receive a request for payment through PayPal that you can make by credit card or bank transfer. (PayPal does not require an account with them for payment by credit card). Or if you wish, you can send your order with a check in US$ to the publisher.
  • Returns: No returns allowed. But we will replace or refund items that are defective or damaged on arrival.

Please note that all our books have standard bar codes but no price either in the bar code or elsewhere on the cover.


How to Order:

Orders are processed via email. 

For book orders, please include

  • ISBN,
  • Title,
  • number of copies to be ordered,
  • payment method
  • delivery address
  • shipping speed (Economy, Priority, or Express)

When ordering teaching supplies, please indicate name of product and quantity.

Upon receipt of your order request you will receive:

  • a confirmation, including total book charges and shipping costs
  • payment instructions


Libraries and Schools:

  • Discount: 20% off list price, no minimum required.

Checks are accepted for payments. For ordering instructions, please read above.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at