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LARGE posters: Italian verbs "Essere" and "Avere" (To Be, To Have) - available: single or set of 2 -
Buy from us or at 2 colorful school posters made with high quality glossy paper Each poster...
Italian Grammar School Poster - Articles (Articoli in Italiano) Bilingual Language Wall Chart
Colorful language posters made with quality glossy paper Size:18x24 inches (A2 size 457x610 mm)) Determinative...
Maps of Italy, set of 2 (available in two sizes)
Two colorful posters/wall charts with: • the 20 Italian regions and their capitals (in Italian and...
Italian Language School Posters, Set N.2 - 5 Bilingual Charts for Classroom and Playroom with Words About Seasons and Months, Stores and Shops, Sport Activities, Landscapes, and the Solar System
Usually ships within 3 to 4 days. 5 colorful school posters made with high quality...
$39.95 $34.95
Educational posters in Italian and English, set of 5
Set of 5 colorful posters (also available individually): Printed on quality glossy paper Each poster measures:...
$39.95 $34.95
Italian Language Poster -Discover Italy, simplified school map of Italy
Colorful school poster made with high quality glossy paper - Add it to your teaching...
Holidays posters, set of 3
Includes: Christmas, Carnival, and major Italian Holidays.These posters are also sold individually. Glossy poster paper.Each poster...
Italian Flag Posters
Large size (17x24 inches) Description of the flag with historical information and lyrics of the Italian Anthem...
LARGE bilingual poster: Colori (Colors) (Colours)
31 colors in Italian with the English translation.   Language: Italian and English (Two versions...
Italian Language Poster - Festivita'/ Holidays: Bilingual Chart for Classroom and Playroom
Includes major Italian Holidays and common greetings, listed in Italian with the corresponding English translation.  Glossy...
Educational bilingual poster: Il Sistema Solare (The Solar System)
Sun, Earth, Moon and planets with the corresponding Italian words. Each element is represented by...