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Maps of Italy, set of 2 (available in two sizes)
Two colorful posters/wall charts with: • the 20 Italian regions and their capitals (in Italian and...
Educational poster: Le Stagioni e i Mesi (Seasons and Months)
The 4 seasons and the months of the year in Italian. Each season is represented by...
Holidays posters, set of 3
Includes: Christmas, Carnival, and major Italian Holidays.These posters are also sold individually. Please see above. Glossy...
Italian Alphabet Poster (bilingual: Italian-English)
Two versions: (Red frame) All the letters of the Italian alphabet. Caps, small caps, words...
Italian Language School Poster: Italian words about family members with English translation - classroom chart
Glossy poster paper Poster measures: 11x17 inches (A3 size, 420x297 mm)   Size:11x17 inches (A3...
Italian Grammar School Poster - Articles (Articoli in Italiano) Bilingual Language Wall Chart
Colorful language posters made with quality glossy paper Size:18x24 inches (A2 size 457x610 mm)) Determinative...
Italian Flag Posters
Large size (17x24 inches) Description of the flag with historical information and lyrics of the Italian Anthem...
LARGE posters: Italian verbs "Essere" and "Avere" (To Be, To Have)
Buy from us or at 2 colorful school posters made with high quality glossy paper Each poster...
Ben Fatto! (Well done!) - Italian Language Oval Reward Stickers
Oval merit stickers in Italian.Use for encouragement or decoration. Size: 2x3 inches (5x7.5 cm) One...
LARGE bilingual poster: Colori (Colors) (Colours)
31 colors in Italian with the English translation.   Language: Italian and English (Two versions...
Educational bilingual poster: Il Sistema Solare (The Solar System)
Sun, Earth, Moon and planets with the corresponding Italian words. Each element is represented by...