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Bilingual books and teaching resources in Italian, Spanish, English and French for children, parents, students, and teachers.

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Bilingual Bookmarks in Italian and English
Bilingual Bookmarks in Italian and English
Colorful bookmarks with Italian words and images of Italian cities.
Each Italian word is followed by the English translation.
Use as a reward or a gift.
Size: 2.7x8 inches (7x21 cm)
Glossy cardstock
One package has 6 bookmarks (assorted images)
Price: $5.99 per package
Order from us or at
Christmas Bookmarks/Cards


Extra large bookmarks/cards with blank space for personalized greeting.


Great as a Christmas gift for teachers, students, and friends.


Add them to your favorite books for a special gift to yourself or to someone else.

Each bookmark measures 3.74" x 8.27"
Glossy cardstock
Writing in Italian: "Buon Natale!"
One package has 10 bookmarks and 10 envelopes.
Choose the Blue bookmarks (St. Peter's Basilica) or the Red bookmarks (Christmas drawings) or both!
Price: $6.99 per package (each package has 10 identical bookmarks with the same image on one side and a blank back side.)
You can buy them from us or at
Email your order request (wholesale discounts apply)