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This is the space where you can find more language resources, read articles about Italy, explore tools and strategies to help you learn Italian more effectively.
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Foreign And Second Language Teaching Methods, Learning Styles And Sample Activities


A free ebook about language learning styles and language teaching methods to help you make the most of your foreign language teaching or learning.



 When you've had enough of grammar and textbooks...



Even the most motivated student needs a break every now and then. Books are great tools for learning, but listening, watching and being interactive are also very effective ways of "absorbing" a language.

One way to effortlessly get your ears used to the rythm of a new language is to listen to it from native people. If you don't have an Italian friend or neighbour, the next best thing is... (continue reading)


 What happens in Italy in March?



Many things happen in Italy in the month of March.


First of all, because Italy is in the northern hemisphere, Spring start in the month of March and temperatures start to get milder. It is not the absolute best time to visit, but it is a good time for the central and especially the southern regions.

Father’s Day is celebrated... (continue reading)


February is Carnival time! - Febbraio è il mese del Carnevale!




This Italian celebration officially starts after the winter holidays are over and it ends on Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras (the day before Ash Wednesday).

This year Carnival has its culmination on Fat Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

Carnival is a time of parties, parades, masked balls, jugglers, magicians, costumes, masks, singing, and dancing.

Carnival is... (continue reading)


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